Wagering Requirements Explained

When gambling at online casinos, you'll be sure to come across casino bonuses, be that longer-standing offers or new online casino bonuses. These are perks that you can claim to get more funds to play for. But it is important to note that all bonuses come with certain terms and conditions attached, with one of the most prominent ones being the wagering requirement.

The wagering requirement is definitely an important detail that can distinguish a good bonus from a bad one. But it is also something that a lot of players can find quite confusing to fully understand. That is why we have created this guide, dedicated solely to the topic of wagering requirements, to explain everything you need to know.


  1. What are wagering requirements?
  2. Why do they exist?
  3. Specifics of wagering requirements
  4. How to weed out unfair bonuses
  5. FAQ

What are wagering requirements?

A wagering requirement (sometimes shortened to just "WR") is a typical casino bonus condition. Put simply, it says something about how much you are required to wager before you can withdraw your bonus and/or winnings.

The wagering requirement is typically denoted as a number followed by an 'x' (e.g. 30x). This signifies that the player must wager a total amount equal to 30-times the value of the bonus to meet the requirement. However, it is important to note that the multiplier may differ across different casinos. We'll explain this in more detail a bit further down.

Why are wagering requirements added to casino bonuses?

When signing up at an online casino, you can normally claim a bonus when making your initial deposit. These are what we call deposit bonuses. In the case of no deposit bonuses, you may receive a free gift simply through signing up. Casinos offer these bonuses to make signing up and depositing money with them more attractive.

The bonus can for example be some free spins on a slot game or some additional funds added to your account. The main idea behind wagering requirements is to ensure that players don't just sign up, claim their bonus, and withdraw it right away.

If it was possible for players to sign up and claim €5 completely for free, and then withdraw those €5 right away, casino bonuses would be a way to make money for free. Obviously, this would leave the casinos bankrupt. So to ensure that this does not happen, a wagering requirement is put in place.

Specifics of wagering requirements

Now that we know the basics of wagering requirements, it's time to take an even closer look at how they work. What many players don't know is that the requirement can vary a lot from one bonus and casino to the next. Therefore, it is important not to just glance at the number, but actually thoroughly read through the terms to clarify the following:

1. What you need to wager

This is a big one. If the wagering requirement is 20x, you might be wondering "20 times what?". Generally, it will be one of three things (or a combination of them):

  1. The bonus amount
  2. The deposit amount
  3. The winnings from the bonus

This will always be specified in the terms and conditions, for example as "20x bonus + deposit". This is really important to take a note of, as it can actually make a huge difference in terms of how much you have to wager.


With a bonus of 100% up to €200 – If you deposit €200, you will get €200 from the casino and a total of €400 to play with. If you want to withdraw your bonus funds and potential winnings, you will first have to meet the wagering requirement. And if the rule is not favorable, you might lose your winnings in the process.

Three different scenarios:

  • There is no wagering requirement. This means that you can withdraw your bonus funds right away.
  • The wagering requirement is 20x the bonus. This means that you have to wager €4,000 (20 x €200) before you can withdraw your winnings.
  • The wagering requirement is 20x the bonus and the deposit. This means that you have to wager €8,000 (20 x €400) before you can withdraw your winnings.

The examples given demonstrate how the details of a wagering requirement can significantly impact the overall outcome. Although a 20x requirement may not appear substantial, it effectively doubles to 40x when applied to both the deposit and bonus amount, which can turn a favorable bonus into a not-so-favorable one.

2. How long time you have to complete the requirement

In addition to the actual wagering requirement amount, there are some other numbers to pay attention to as well. Namely, the time limits you need to adhere to.

In the terms and conditions of your bonus, it might be stated that the bonus is available for a set amount of hours or days and that the wagering requirement has to be met by X days. Failure to meet these deadlines will result in you losing the bonus and any potential winnings from it.


The exact limits can vary a lot from one casino to the next, from just 24 hours to 30 days or more.

This is why it is important to read the fine print before claiming any bonus. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly and that you understand how long you have before accepting the bonus and what the wagering requirements are.

3. Sticky vs. non-sticky bonuses

A final detail worth noting about casino bonuses that is related to wagering requirements is when it comes to the "stickiness" of a bonus. This might sound strange, but some casinos refer to their bonuses as sticky or non-sticky.

A sticky bonus is a bonus that cannot be withdrawn. It can be used to place wagers, but you won't be able to withdraw it even after meeting a wagering requirement. When you make a withdrawal, the initial bonus value will be deducted from your balance. These types of offers are also called non-cashable bonuses.

In the case of non-sticky bonuses, also known as cashable bonuses, the initial bonus value can be withdrawn after meeting the wagering requirements.

How to weed out unfavorable bonuses

To understand wagering requirements, you will need some math skills and a little bit of critical thinking. A rule of thumb is: if a bonus sounds too good to be true, it often is. That is why it is always important to read the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus, to ensure you know what you are in for.

To conclude, here are some final tips you can use to judge a bonus based on the wagering requirements attached:

  • The lower the wagering requirement the better. A few casinos operate with no wagering requirements at all, which is a very good deal. In general, you should aim for a maximum of 30x or less, and stay away from bonuses with WR of for example 60x.
  • Double-check what you need to wager. As can be seen from our examples, it's not just the actual number that matters, but also what you have to multiply it with. A wagering requirement of 30x bonus is much better than one that requires you to wager 30x bonus and deposit.
  • Keep the deadline in mind. Some casinos will only give you a few days to meet the requirement, while others leave you a month or more. Make sure to consider this before you start playing online casino games, to ensure you won't lose your bonus and/or winnings simply because you didn't have the time.


What happens if I don't meet my wagering requirement?

If the wagering requirement of a bonus is not met, you will lose any potential winnings you have won from the bonus.

How can I keep track of my wagering requirement progress?

Most casinos will offer some sort of tracking of how much you have left to wager until the wagering requirement is met. If this is not available, you can also contact customer support for guidance.

Is it possible to get a bonus without any wagering requirements?

Yes, there are some casinos that operate with wager-free bonuses. This is a really good and fair deal, but sadly not as common to find.

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